What is a Lingerie Dress?

The Beginner's Guide to Lingerie Dresses

It might sound like a contradiction in terms, but lingerie dresses are in fact a great alternative to bodystockings as a piece of lingerie. The are essentially very small, micro dresses, often made from the same material as hosiery and bodystockings.

So you can get fishnet or honeycomb lingerie dresses, but there are also opaque micro dresses worn as lingerie. Often these types of dresses will either have panels cut out, or made strappy.

What's the point of lingerie dresses?

Lingerie Micro DressWhile there are a few micro dresses that the more daring might choose to wear out, most micro dresses are designed to be worn solely as lingerie, so most often without additional underwear, although some dresses come with a g-string included. These dresses really are for the bedroom, and they are a perfect choice for women looking for a piece of sexy lingerie, but whom either have enough bodystockings already, or don't fancy one. A slinky underwear dress can be just as sexy.

Another benefit of these dresses is that they are made, like bodystockings, from stretchy material, so they help smooth out your body and give you confidence. This also means that getting a micro dress that fits is quite easy, as they are simply made in either regular or plus size - see our sizing information.

In our collection of lingerie dresses, we've included some which have attached garters and stockings, which is a complete sexy lingerie outfit in one piece. They really are halfway between a lingerie dress and a bodystocking, and have proved very popular.

Lingerie dresses, like bodystockings, have proved to be enjoyed by both the women who wear them and their appreciative partners. They are exotic enough to add spice to your love life, while being reasonably priced and easy to wear. Win-win!