Stretch Lace Suspender Tights
Despite the neon image, these suspender tights are some of the best we've seen. Great quality, and an intricate design coupled with thin garter straps and a comfortable belt area. A perfect pair of suspender tights when you want something wearable, but striking and perhaps also romantic?

Shirley of Hollywood
Stretch Lace Suspender Tights

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These tights combine two of our favourite styles - patterned lace and the suspender tights shape. The lace in these tights is so pretty - a large floral pattern in black, just between fishnet and opaque so you get the best of all worlds. If you love opaques for their flattering slimming qualities, these will fit the bill beautifully as the knit of the net is very fine and the overlaid pattern increases coverage, but none of this detracts from the striking pattern. All in one suspender tights are a great alternative to separate stockings and suspenders too - you've none of the bulk of a belt and straps so they're perfect under close fitting clothes. The garter belt here is in the same stretch lace for real comfort. Despite the rather unfortunate (in our opinion) picture, these are some fabulous suspender tights. The pattern is exciting and vibrant and the garter belt section matches this. Perfect to wear for a night out when you want some striking tights, but want the fun of suspenders without the fuss of an actual suspender belt.

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