Sheer Suspender Tights
Massively popular because of their great price, these sheer suspender tights are the perfect simple way to add some spice to your outfit, or for regular wear if you prefer stockings without the fuss.

Music Legs
Sheer Suspender Tights

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Great value sheer suspender stockings, with plain, narrow "garters" which are perfect for wearing under smart or close fitting clothes, as they don't give you a visible line. Our Music Legs range offers great value and style, and is also available in plus sizes. These are often the first pair of suspender tights people buy. They are not as sexy as many of the romantic suspender tights we sell, but that's because they are actually a fairly practical pair that can be worn more frequently than some of the more risque items. At the price, they also offer a great way to add a bit of spice to any outfit.

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