Sheer Stockings

Sheer stockings are probably what people think of as "normal" stockings, but even with this definition of denier, there are several style options, which we have drawn together from all the stockings suppliers so you can choose your perfect sheer stocking.

With different sizes of sheer up to and including plus size, there's also the choices of colours and whether or not to have a back seam.

Sheer Styles of Stockings

There's more variety still within sheer stockings though, as we've sourced patterned sheers and ones with neat touches like ankle bows. It depends on whether you are after stockings for everyday, or something special. Even with sheer you can find this.

Lastly, you need to consider the band at the top for the garterbelt. While some of these stockings are hold ups, some require a garter and for either types there's a choice of the finish at the thigh top of the stocking. From plain bands to lace or wide lace, it depends which feels more comfortable or which you find more attractive.

If you are looking for stockings for a romantic reason, then we have collected a range of different styles from sheer to net in our romantic stockings collection. Many people only think of stockings as sheer, so if you've arrived here based on that, then it is worth exploring the other options as these days there are many styles of stockings other than sheer, from simple through to pretty racy!

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