Transform any outfit with a pair of fishnets that have a unique side panel design that draws compliments from all around you. Daring and evocative, without being too risque - the perfect fishnet tights really, and from one of our best quality European designers.

Livco Corsetti

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Wow! These fishnets really are stunning and so different. Livco's Rose tights are a standard knit black fishnet with a striking twist: they have a decorative side panel to the outside of each leg in a fabulous open diamond design. Pattern on fishnets is so often overlaid as a lace or opaque knit, but these turn that on its head and use the open knit to show off a bit of leg! Very very striking and surprisingly wearable, with the great quality we have come to expect from this fabulous brand. They provide an alternative to looking for a fishnet with backseam when you want something more interesting, and we think most people have already got a pair of standard fishnets, so when you're looking for a new pair, you tend to want something that's going to get noticed. The great things about these side panel fishnets is because it extends up the side of each leg, you don't need to be wearing an ultra-short skirt for these tights to get you complimented. Even longer skirts benefit from the design and they can really lift any outfit.

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