Power Fishnets
Great wearing high quality fishnets with backseam, available in a variety of colours, these are a perfect addition to any wardrobe and will add a touch of spice to whatever you're wearing.

Shirley of Hollywood
Power Fishnets

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A back seam is always a striking feature in any tights or stockings and lifts them from the ordinary to the glamorous in one easy move. These fabulous fishnets from Shirley of Hollywood offer amazing quality and fit - a really stylish alternative to regular fishnets. The back seam is flat as it's in the knit of the tights, so it's completely comfortable, as well as being a more subtle look. In black they're a style classic, in neon pink they're great for clubbing, and the deep purple will add a twist to all sorts of outfits. Available in a generous plus-size fit in black too. Shirley of Hollywood always score highly in our customer satisfaction surveys, because their hosiery is such great quality even for designs as overtly sexy as these, and so it's not surprising that these fishnets are a popular choice for those looking for something sultry to spice up an outfit for a romantic night out.

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