Other Net Tights

For those who want to make a statement with their tights, large fishnet and other net materials are today's sexy tights for the night out occasion. They range from risque through to daring, and potential customers should possibly also consider the hosiery in the Romance category (racier) or the evening tights (tamer).

Following on from the standard fishnet tights, we have an additional selection of "other net", which are large fishnet or beyond, often termed as diamond net, fence net, industrial net or well, you can see why we term it "other net".

Sexy Tights

These are definitely among the more risque tights, so not ones you'll often see about the office. However, they are very popular as something that can be worn for raucous nights out or to set off a sexy dress. Not all of the selection here are raunchy though, with some mock versions from House of Holland which combine sexy with modesty, and we also have one with built in shorts.

In addition to these net tights we also have a similar selection of other net holdups and stockings.

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Fence Net Tights
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