High quality ultra sheer tights from Trasparenze, which are available in different skin tones as well as classic black. Perfect for when the sun is out, but you need to cover your legs, whether it's summer weddings or holidays.


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These are really special - super sheer tights in just 8 denier that are velvety-smooth to the touch and feel just fabulously soft on your legs. The secret is that they are made from the latest, lightest microfibre while they give you the amazingly polished look that ultra-sheers offer, they're also super comfortable. Invisible toes mean you can wear them with open-toed shoes, and they are available in four nude shades as well as charcoal grey and black. For a less sheer style in the same soft microfibre, try the 15 denier Marika range. Obviously a great choice for summer, ultra sheer tights like these are perfect for smoothing out your legs to make them look perfect, and also good for taking the chill off if the weather has a touch of breeze and you're wearing a shorter skirt. However, what makes these ultra sheer stand out as possibly the best quality ultra sheer tights is that new microfibre, which helps ensure that they are more resilient than some tights under 10 denier.

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