Mock Suspender Tights
Mock suspender tights at an incredibly low price, these tights from Gipsy are trendy but very affordable. Wear with shorter skirts to show them off, or keep their secret to yourself!

Mock Suspender Tights

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Mock suspenders are a high fashion look at the moment - this striking style of mock suspender tights has been seen on all the best legs-about-town lately, and it's not hard to see why. Striking and sexy, they're not really a substitute for actual stockings but a real statement piece in their own right - they look great just visible under a shorter skirt for instance. In black opaque, they're super-flattering, and the opaque top makes for a good and comfortable fit. This pair is fantastic value and quality from Gipsy Tights. This look is very much in vogue this year, with several celebs having been spotted wearing short skirts with mock suspender tights similar to these. You may wish to be more discreet with your choice or skirt (or not!), but whichever way you go, these mock suspenders are a brilliant way to be on trend without breaking the bank.

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