Hosiery Care Instructions

Hosiery Care Instructions

Hosiery Care
Laddering a pair of simple tights is annoying. Laddering your expensive ones is expletive inducing, but can be avoided with simple hosiery care.
It’s really annoying when you spend twenty pounds or more on a pair of tights, wear them excitedly the first time and then pull them out of the drawer the next time you want them to find a ladder running down them, or the crotch sagging around your knees. We’ve all done it, but if you care for your hosiery by following some simple guidelines, this doesn’t need to happen.We know that nobody is a saint, so you’re still likely to treat your everyday tights with as much care as you afford a pair of his socks, but it is worth the effort with the more exotic hosiery and ones you buy for going out, and it’s essential for the lower denier hosiery.

How to Care for Hosiery Correctly

First and foremost in care instructions is to take care of your hands. An obvious (we hope) tip is to remove hand jewellery and rings before handling tights and stockings, but additionally make sure you have filed and smooth nails and that you don’t have any jaggies or rough skin on your hands. This can ladder tights just as easily as a ring.

Next, make sure you put your tights on properly to avoid laddering. Of course, you might still catch them and damage them while out, but that’s just normal, but there’s no need to ruin them before you’ve even worn them once.

That said, with all the care in the world, you can just get unlucky and spoil a pair by laddering them when you put them on, so if you are buying stockings for a special night out, it’s always worth
investing in a couple of pairs at the same time so that you’re not left stuck without the correct hosiery.

Assuming that you’ve made it through to undressing without incident, then remove your hosiery carefully, again obeying the no jewellery rule!

You can then ensure that you wash your tights and stockings properly and then when they are dry you can put them away for next time by following our hosiery storage instructions.

Take care of your hosiery correctly and your investment in good quality tights and stockings from Funky Stockings will pay you back. We want you to come back to try more and different typed of hosiery, not to buy replacements for a pair you’ve accidentally put your hand through if it can be avoided.