Designed for summer weather, these 8 denier high quality summer tights feature invisible toe and are available in various skintones to match your legs and leave you looking deliriously brilliant. Make your legs shine this summer!


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Perfect for summer wear, the Capri tights from Trasparenze are ultra sheer at just 8 denier. We've chosen a range of natural shades that will give you a bare-legged, sun-kissed look in no time - match them to your skin tone to even out your legs and give you polish. They are so sheer you'll hardly know you're wearing them, and the very slight sheen will catch in the sunlight for an even more natural effect. Invisible toes mean you can wear them with open-toe shoes or sandals, and for comfort in warmer weather they are sheer to the waist and have a cotton gusset. These are some of the lowest denier tights you can buy, so are perfect for the hot weather when you still need something to make your legs look perfect. Our hosiery care guides are especially useful when handling, wearing and caring for delicate summer tights such as these.

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