Buying a Bodystocking as a Gift

Buying any lingerie as a gift for a woman is simultaneously a romantic thing to do and risky business. If you're a man, your taste in lingerie is often slightly more risque than your partner's. We've all been there when she opens the present and you don't get quite the reception you were hoping for. Added to this, getting the actual right size for a bra is almost impossible, so you've often struck out in two ways. Buying a bodystocking as a gift is quite a different experience - for a start, as our sizing guide shows, it's pretty hard to get the size wrong on a bodystocking - is your partner a regular size or plus size is all you need to know.

Without sizing to worry about, you really just have to decide how risque your partner really is. Body stockings are great for women as their elasticity helps shape their figure, so they can feel quite confident wearing one in the bedroom, but even so some are considerably more overt than others. Some women like that, love them even, but others prefer something tamer. Only you can know that, so choose wisely.

In terms of specific advice from Funky Bodystockings on buying as a present, we'd also like to point out to you the different packaging bodystockings come in. While all of our items are hand chosen, and high quality, there are two or three manufacturers that supply their bodystockings in very refined packaging:

Bodystockings as presentsMusic Legs Bodystockings are incredibly popular, because they offer such great value, design and quality. They come in cardboard boxes as well, so make ideal gifts.

Hustler Bodystockings come fully boxed up, which makes them easier to wrap and gives the feeling of quality. It's also, of course, a brand name people recognise.

Dreamgirl Bodystockings are a well known brand and they come packaged in slip cardboard and cellophane. They are very popular as gifts as their quality is just as good as their looks.

Leg Avenue Bodystockings are from a well recognised brand and their products are in cardboard packaging (some aren't so check the additional information on each product) that's very high quality.

Bodystockings in gift packagingLivco Corsetti Bodystockings come in by far the most luxurious packaging. They are in full cardboard boxes inside a printed cardboard sleeve. Their bodystockings are very high quality and they present them as top end lingerie.

Ultimately, we think you'll be pleased with any bodystocking you buy here on Funky Bodystockings because we have taken real care in selecting only the best quality and designs, but hopefully this additional information will help you in choosing your gift. As you'll see on the product pages many of the other manufacturers box their products too, so they always look great as presents. If we can help, or give any advice at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.