Bodystocking Sizing Information

Bodystockings are manufactured using a blend of materials, including some form of stretchy material such as lycra. Because of this flexibility, unlike other lingerie, bodystockings are only normally made in two sizes: Regular and Queen Size.

We've put the detailed sizing information from each manufacturer on the product page for each item, as some vary slightly on their sizing guide. However, generally speaking the following sizing information applies to bodystockings:

Regular Size:

Dress Size: (UK) 6-16, (USA) 2-14

Height: 5' - 5' 10"

Weight: 90lbs - 160lbs

Some state up to 175lbs, which is 12 1/2 stone, so you can see the designers do manufacture the stockings with a lot of give in them.

Queen Size:

The Queen Size term is used in bodystockings to refer to the plus size (also known as outsize) range.

Dress Size: (UK) 18-24, (USA) 16-20

Height: 5' - 5' 10"

Weight: 175lbs - 250lbs

While we have included measurement sizing also on the product pages, every body is different, which is why the more generic height and weight information is often more use. The material used for bodystockings is created to be stretchy, so whatever your shape, you should find that if you are within the regular size range or plus size range, the bodystocking should fit you fine, which is one reason why bodystockings make such romantic gifts.. You might also like our guide on how to put on a bodystocking.

Lingerie dresses use a similar sizing guide, and again we place details of the manufacturer's sizing information on each product page, should they be marginally different.

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